7 Day Norwegian Cruise voyages are a wonderful way to get out of the house or the daily routine and set off on a cruise adventure of your lifetime. There are many reasons why Norwegian 7 Day Cruises are so popular with the customers and passengers of NCL cruises. Some of the reasons would include their great ports and destinations they travel to plus the fact that they have some new and exciting ships that have joined their fleet in the recent years. Other reasons would include their FreeStyle type of cruising that has set them apart from most of the other premium class cruise lines. Taking any of these 7 Day Norwegian Cruises will give you a chance to find out why so many people love to cruise with Norwegian Cruise line.

So where can you go and what can you do when you take any of these Norwegian 7 Day Cruise sailings? Lets start off with some of their most popular voyages and that would include their pride and joy, 7 Day Norwegian Hawaii Cruises. These Norwegian 7 Day Hawaiian Cruises are the only cruises you can take that start and finish in Honolulu, Hawaii. This makes them very special since you can fly over to Hawaii and miss the rough waters of the Pacific Ocean and just relax on the beach for a couple days before you embark on the 7 Day Norwegian Hawaii Cruise adventure. Another very popular destination would include their 7 Day Norwegian Alaska Cruise holidays. Norwegian 7 Day Alaskan Cruises will get you into the best areas for viewing both the incredible scenery and the magnificent wildlife of the area.

Other worthwhile sailings to mention would include the award winning 7 Day Europe Norwegian Cruise sailings and voyages. These Norwegian 7 Day European Cruise holidays will take you to some of the best ports of call and destinations that Europe has to offer. NCL has been voted a leader when it comes to their Europe cruises. Depending on your itinerary and sailing, you may be able to visit or stop at ports of call that could include Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Barcelona, Venice, Athens and many others. The sweet thing about taking a 7 Day Europe Norwegian cruise is they offer both the Southern Europe or 7 Day Norwegian Mediterranean cruises as well as the Baltic or Northern Europe cruises also.

Some of the other great sailings and destination cruises include 7 Day Norwegian Bermuda Cruises where you get to visit one of the most scenic island countries to be found anywhere in this world. From here you could also try one of their 7 Day Canada Norwegian Cruise sailings where you have plenty of time to enjoy both the spectacular scenery and the many wonderful amenities of your cabin while sailing on the ship to your next port of call. If you prefer something warm and quick and easy, two destination sailings come to mind, they include taking a 7 Day Caribbean Norwegian Cruise or their very popular 7 Day Mexican Riviera Norwegian Cruise voyages and adventures. Either of these destinations and cruises will get you into some warm weather, beautiful beaches, fun in the sun and out of house.

When you have a chance, you may want to consider taking any of the 7 Day Norwegian Panama Canal Cruises where you get the chance to visit and see up close the wonderful man made wonder, the Panama Canal. Some of these Panama Canal cruises will take you to the west coast where you can enjoy some of the Norwegian Pacific Coastal Cruise voyages, where you can enjoy a quick and easy cruise up or down the west coast. These cruises can also be a start for the cruises we mentioned above going to Alaska when the cruise season begins up there, usually in May and ending in September. In this writer's opinion, the best time to find and take your Alaskan Cruise would be in late June, July, August. Why? When the Salmon start moving, so do the animals and we all want to experience the excitement of seeing some of the big animals known to live up in Alaska. This writer has seen the Salmon, Moose, many great Whale sightings and a lifetime memory of a Grizzly Bear. Yes, Alaska Cruises are well worth it.

Many other passengers enjoy the sea days so when the Norwegian Transatlantic Cruises are set, they seem to book up quickly. Many people enjoy sailing the high seas with peace and quite and the comfortable ship at their disposal. It really does not matter which cruise you pick, or the destination you desire, the real important part of any cruise selection is feeling you have not over paid and you got a good deal when you booked. We agree. That is why we always try to recommend that you book early.

The cruise lines, including Norwegian, set up their schedules early and as the far away bookings get sold out, they start raising their rates. By booking early, you not only get the lower prices usually, but you also get to pick the best cabins before they are all sold out. Usually, if you book early and the cruise lines lower their prices, you should be price protected where they will lower your price as well as the other late passengers booking. Norwegian Cruise Special Deals are available now so consider taking advantage of these lower prices and discounts. So, you have the best of both worlds, great cabin selection and the lowest prices to be paid for the cruise of a lifetime. Why wait. Call us today and let us share any new cruise deals or cruise specials that 7 Day Norwegian Cruise lines may be offering today.